On average, 90% of Community-based students enroll in college and 86% graduate within 6 years. 



What Does It Look Like? 

College Visits

Passport students visit a variety of colleges inside and outside of the city, based on their interests. It’s their opportunity to begin envisioning themselves on campus, meet students who were in their shoes a few short years ago, and ask questions to make informed decisions. 

Focus on 21st Century Skills

Equipping students through the application process gets students to college, but not always to stick through college and succeed in careers. That’s why Passport’s in-house designed curriculum focuses on developing essential skills like time management, financial literacy, and professional communication.

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Cohort Support

Students in each class stay together for two years, supporting one another through the college exploration and application process, as well as through the decision-making and college adjustment process. 

First-generation Coaching

First-generation college grad Coaches lead students through every step in the process, ensuring students are equipped to complete applications, find a path to finance their education, make an informed decision, and feel confident to tackle the challenges that come with being a first-generation student. 

Career Exploration

Passport students connect with people in different careers who they might not otherwise meet, as well as research what it will take to get to careers they are interested in and map out their path to get there. 

Passport didn’t just concentrate on applications, it also taught us what college is about. I learned to use calendars and agendas for the first time. I also learned a lot about visiting and communicating with professors.

Erick Juarez, Passport Graduate (READ MORE)